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Divisions and boundaries is a problem in a lot of metropolitan areas, including Paris. I think there can be regional coordination without amalgamation. Regional unity is important but control of local affairs is important too.

In Toronto, there was Metro government composed of six boroughs. Problem is the urban area grew beyond the boundaries of Metropolitan Toronto, so it was no longer really Metro Toronto, so it became pointless and the almagamation of the six made more sense.

Boundaries don't need to be hard boundaries but they too often are. But probably only the high levels of governments have the power to fix that. Mayors can't do much.

Even as pro-transit, anti-car person, I don't see the point of so much focus on creating barriers to suburbanites. Barriers are the anti-thesis of transit-oriented development for example, and it seems to summarize the whole problem with Paris also. The solution is more connections between people and places, not more divisions. That's the key to successful transit and getting people out of the car.
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