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Then they should stop to makes us believe that they are "progressive" and admit they are just as selfish as the right wing.
At least those in the conservative West part of Paris aren't hypocrite.

My goal is to have a city of Paris where everybody is living correctly and with a good economic development. We are living a in a society, you have to take account of the other.
The current municipality of Paris is a costly and useless level with no good impact on the development (rather bad, the population is decreasing).

A greater City of Paris would work better. It would have better development policies, better transit policies, better housing policies and would be better cost effective.
There would still be the arrondissement for more internal stuff.

It would be much better than a bunch of "greens" who believe that good housing policy is just buying existing housing to convert them in social housing. It costs a lot of money, it doesn't create new housing and it pushes the middle class out of the city while increasing the price of the private sector by reducing the supply.
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