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I think if this building can reach 110 floors it can only reach a height of anywhere in the 1,600 foot tall section with a mast on top. I highly doubt it would be the tallest building in America it would be the 2nd tallest, and if they do ever build the Chicago Spire it would be the 3rd tallest. Though this building has a lot of potential. Maybe if the economy gets better someone would complete it. It's one of my favorite never completed building, and every time I look at it I hate that the building never reached it's maximum height. Plus you could have the other floors as hotel, and residential spaces, and you could have a Windows on the World styled restaurant at the top, a sky lounge, a bar, a indoor observation deck, and an open one that is similar to the Top of the World observation deck at the WTC on the roof. With modern day mast, and telecommunications equipment you can make room for it on the top without worrying about radiation like at the North Tower.
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