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to respond to the OP's question of whether this happens in my city or not:

On the island of Oahu(City & County of Honolulu) nimbys aren't really a concern and I can't recall them ever really blocking a project. Only on the windward side and north shore do they make a lot noise and quite frankly the developments they're fighting are suburban-style projects, the kind that many people on this forum frown upon.

The biggest impediments to urban development on Oahu is financing and sewage infrastructure.

On the other islands (Maui, Kauai, and Big Island) nimbys wield a lot of political power, but on Oahu they're 100% bark and no bite. I work with a lot of developers and never once have they listed nimby opposition as a concern.

From a developers perspective I'd say it's easier to get entitltements for a residential high-rise in Honolulu than it is in any of the west coast cities (SF/LA/Seattle/Portland).
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