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Originally Posted by MalcolmTucker View Post
Here is employment by the province and its agencies:

A big source of central government growth since the late 1990s has been at Justice, as it has grown with more prison and remand spots, more demand for court services, and the addition of the highway patrol mandate for the Alberta Sheriffs, along with more in house asset security staff.

Before two years ago I had never seen a consolidated head-count like this, and I believe one did not exist. The central government number bottomed out in the late nineties at around 28,000, though a portion of that was an illusion, just a transfer of staff out to arms length organizations that still remained fully funded centrally, like the various versions of the Energy Regulator, which is now back centrally.
All that shows is the Province folllowed through on maintaining a headcount that required massive borrowing. The important stats would be headcount growth from actual 2014 levels.
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