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Originally Posted by the.tru.albertan View Post
Why do you two support them? Vested interest?
It's cute that conservatives in Alberta automatically assume that if you support a progressive government you must either work for the government or somehow benefit from it.

No, I support the policies and platform of the current government, I support the government that has committed to making decisions with the people of Alberta, not the corporations in mind, and I support the initiatives that would never be implemented under the regressive parties. I'm quite sure that a great number of folks realized that this could be a short run and the NDP are pushing their agenda because I think they know that time is limited as well.

Alberta will go back to it's old ways eventually I am sure, but in this brief moment in time the opportunity was taken to try and do something more than just ensuring every grade 9 educated hick in the province can afford a brand new pickup and a big new house.

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