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Originally Posted by Udon'tknow View Post
For the best Indian food in the city, and meets the hole in the wall criteria, try Caraway Grill. Best to make reservations or else you won't get in!
Not sure if you're joking about needing a reservation or not...

I walk by the place all the time and it always smells soooo amazing.. We went once, and the food was definitely good, but pricey.

But we went at 5:30 during the week, and were the only people in there the whole time we ate.. When we walked in, the owner was sitting at a table with his feet on the table and seemed surprised at someone coming in.. At supper time.. Haha.

But man, the smell that comes out of that place is absolute heaven.

Our go to Indian place is Spices of punjab.. So good and so cheap for a buffet.
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