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Originally Posted by Boquillas View Post
I wonder if Chad P Carey and Regent are still connected to this project. I know Chad's restaurant The Monterey on S. St. Mary's is blowing up, and the food is awesome.
Hey guys! It's been totally un-fun over the last 3 years (you may have heard something about a few problems in real estate capital markets) but we've managed to keep the project alive. We'll make a more formal announcement soon, but I'm looking forward to starting construction on 1800 late this year (in conjunction with a larger multi-family development company).

I remain totally excited about the future of this neighborhood. There's lots of cool things happening. And, the best part is they're all (Pearl, 1221, Mosaic) happening with local folks (who love SA).

And thanks for the kind words about the Monterey! It's been great so far - introduce yourself the next time you make it in.

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