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Originally Posted by Thefigman
Where in Austin is this building being built? I'm trying to understand if this will contribute to the downtown skyline or not.
In this picture below, check the link. Follow that middle street bridge across the river up to that short reddish brown building. From there count 3 blocks to it's left, (West), that's where this tower will rise. You should end up on that small lot that is bordered to the left, (West), by a creek.

When the image opens in it's window, click on the image to enlarge it a bit for easier viewing.

This tower will most definitely contribute to the downtown skyline, and yes it is inside Downtown Austin. It may not appear in all the typical skyline pictures, but it will show up in many of them. Several more towers are planned for that area also including a 29-story residential tower just a few blocks away, and a 400 foot 36-story tower 4 blocks to the west. There's also several other infill projects.
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