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Originally Posted by Skyguy_7 View Post
I'm not too crazy about the addition to Aon either, but on the bright side, this tower the most bland of our supertalls, so the views [I]from it[I] will be spectacular. Aon is striking, yes, especially from below, but it's really just a big tall rectangle. It offers wonderful views of the more appealing towers our city has to offer, which I'm quite excited to experience again.
you could say "its just a big tall rectangle" about any building from the past 100 years. what made this particular big tall rectangle stand out was precisely what will be lost when you start duck taping water slides and go kart tracks onto the side of it

i think its easy to take the Aon for granted because its not a trendy shiny curtain walled gemstone, but in the same way a granite mountain boldly and without pretense announces its timeless presence and dosent demand affirmation (is simply "IS"), so too does this building. i think any love for what made the WTC great could just as easily apply to this design. but here i thought the antenna that got tacked on several years back was a big enough sin...

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