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Well in this article, they do express preference for a new building, so hopefully the group will take note.

CPS committed to staying downtown
Miller said he's open to letting the process decide, but would prefer to see CPS in a new building.

“That's what I would hope to see come into the skyline,” he said “Whether it's a CPS building or another private corporation moving into San Antonio. We're looking to see downtown as more of a jobs center. We want to see some density of people.”

While the utility hasn't identified a specific location for possible construction, Miller said he would like to see a new building on the eastern side of downtown.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Cassidy Turley will act as consultant. The firm will not broker any real estate transaction or develop property associated with the possible relocation, Lewis said. The contract with Cassidy Turley has a cap of $100,000, she added.

Last year, CPS received an unsolicited proposal from local developer Ed Cross. In the proposed deal, CPS would have swapped the utility's downtown properties, which include a parking garage and surface parking lot, and a facility on the Northwest Side for two former AT&T buildings at 500 and 530 McCullough Ave.

Even though that deal came to a halt in May, Beneby said it's still an option if the developer decides to submit a proposal.

The advisory group will vet the proposals, and CPS management will select the finalist. The utility's board of trustees will then vote on the matter.
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