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Originally Posted by gillynova View Post
Thanks for the updated posts misken! Pretty excited to see the Mountain View pics
And thank you for your updates on the developments going on by the Milpitas BART station! I've been busy and just sort of lurking on this forum, following the updates. I appreciate your work (also a shout out to Timbad as well for his Caltrain pictures!)

Edit: I did make it down to the San Antonio area today and took some shots.

First off, from the edges on the neighborhood are these twin developments happening on the Los Altos side of El Camino:

This one is Los Altos' first five-story building and was hugely controversial when first proposed. It contains 21 total units. But now that it has safely broken ground, there's a new development on the parcels right next door:

There will be another five-story apartment complex that will replace a few retail buildings and parking lots. It contains 35 total units.

Back across the street into Mountain View, we have (1) Lennar Multifamily communities [204 units] along El Camino (2) and 394 Ortega Ave at the intersection of Ortega and California [144 units].

Here are some pictures of the San Antonio Village Phase II. Unfortunately, Phase II is only office, retail, movie theater, and a hotel, and will not contain a residential component:

Here are some images of the green bike lane striping (I missed the area with the widened and landscaped sidewalks and the new lighted crosswalk across San Antonio). They're not as wide as I would like them to be, but it is better than what we had before and the city didn't have to pay for it.

I was pleased to see the green striping bleed into the Los Altos side as well:

Across the street from the Village project is a residential complex by Prometheus that broke ground last year and I featured in my last MV megapost. It's got 583 units. Since last summer, it looks like they've completed the foundation and are building up:

And lastly, I just wanted to share some pictures of the new elementary school that the Los Altos School District is building in order to serve all the new residents who have been and will be moving into this new neighborhood. What used to be a giant parking crater has gotten a facelift, and I hope the city will continue to put pressure on the developers to pay for sidewalk and bike lane enhancements like they've done so far. With an elementary school here, hopefully the city will upgrade nearby crosswalks and sidewalks to give students a safe route to school. Even though San Antonio is in MV, it is served by the Los Altos School District, and current residents have to travel across town to send their kids to school because both of the nearby LASD schools are full. As noted in my post above, they were looking to take a parcel in the Crossings neighborhood across from the Village development, but has since decided to develop this parking crater into a school and a park:

A Kohl's, T-Mobile, Gamestop, Joann's Fabrics, 24 Hour Gym Superstore, Chinese restaurant Luu Noodles, and a Ramen restaurant will be replaced. The Greystar development next door has indicated that they are willing to have any of these retailers move into their new development. This is one of the most exciting developments in my eyes, because even though this is skyscraperpage forums, we also promote urban livability -- which naturally includes green space. This part of Mountain View lacks in that department, so I'm glad to hear that LASD is working with nearby developers to turn part of this land into a park.

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