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Originally Posted by windypeg View Post
I don't think the walkway is that bad but I can't support it simply because it seems so unnecessary. It's a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. Like just walk across the damn street. What is it about Winnipeg that we can't fathom the idea that people would just walk across a street at ground level?
The cold is absolutely a problem that exists.
Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
Exactly. Aside from the original campus, U of W has buildings scattered all over the West End that aren't connected (and much further apart than these two) and you don't hear people complaining about it there. How hard is it to put your jacket on – most people would have it with them anyway.
I think you guys are missing the point... this is how Wpg used to think apartments... don't do the unnecessary. One of the mindsets that's holding us back.

Students, residents, tenants, end users have evolved. The story is now "what have you done for me lately?" Connectivity is one of the foremost amenities desired by end users of real estate. It's a key component of "location, location, location".

You don't get people into your building, you don't curate great atmosphere by telling the customers and surrounding area that they don't need something, unless it's too cost-prohibitive.

We also need to use foresight here... it's vital to create urban environments that non-Winnipeggers, whether new immigrants or new companies can enjoy. Little things like these walkways go a long way towards not attracting, but securing interest.
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