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The Liberals are an embarrassment. At this rate the Federal party is going to disassociate from them. Couldn't even get their candidates organized in time to field a full slate, even after they begged for the nomination rules to be loosened (100 signatures to 50). Keep in mind that the election date is fixed, so they literally had years. Rana is a huge step back from even Gerrard (who managed to run full slates), and that is very sad. She's a punchline, like something 22 Minutes or SNL would dream up.

So far every policy announcement has been


...reporter "how will you do that"

...Rana "We have a plan"

...reporter "Can we hear the plan"

...Rana "You'll hear the plan when we're ready for you to hear the plan."

Elections don't work that way. You're not stonewalling as a teenager in an argument with your mother, which is the tone Rana has every time I've heard her speak.
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