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Smile NEW YORK| 41-43 West 57th St | 1,492 FT | 102 FLOORS

Posted on by contributor Ondel Hylton, 12-7-15:

Paragraph One of the Article:
Jaded by glass boxes and architectural imitations of styles gone by? Well this fascinating design by Mark Foster Gage Architects is sure to turn your architectural world upside down. Here’s our first look at their 102-story residential supertower seemingly flown in from some advanced airborne civilization in a galaxy far, far away. While details are scarce, this eagle lands in the heart of Midtown’s Billionaires’ Row along West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.
While this structure in its present form prolly won't turn out as the final product, the technological capability to design supertall facades of this amazing sort is absolutely feasible in every way.

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