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Originally Posted by Biff View Post

"The city is not very modern, and it's quite smaller," Gelin said, "but people are a lot friendlier than in Montreal."
Hilarious.. I'm showing this to my wife (a montrealer who has visited Winnipeg a few times now). I think she was impressed with the indoor plumbing and cable tv at my brother's place in St-Vital.. maybe M. Gelin hasn't got his electricity hooked up yet.

Originally Posted by Biff View Post

He and his wife hope to remain here after they finish their studies. Gelin is in medical school at the University of Manitoba. Desjardins, who was a nurse in Montreal, is now completing equivalencies at the Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface so she can work as a nurse here.
That's bull.. my wife's a nurse in Quebec and they said all she has to do is pass an exam in order to work in Manitoba, you just need to show your diploma and write the CRNE (Cdn Registered Nurses Exam). Only in Ontario do you require a bachelor's degree. Unless 'completing equivalencies' means 'writing an exam', she's gettting screwed.
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