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Winnipeg - Of Interest

Maybe we can start posting issues relating to Winnipeg in here instead of filling up the construction threads with non construction news.

I will start it off with some good population news:

Manitoba News Release

December 18, 2007

- - -
Province Shows Strongest Population Growth In Nearly A Quarter Century

Competitiveness, Training and Trade Minister Jim Rondeau welcomed Statistics Canada information released today showing strong population growth for Manitoba and reflected on the impressive year of economic, job and labour-force growth.

"Manitoba had a banner year in 2007 with record growth in many sectors of the economy," said Rondeau. "This is the largest population increase in nearly 25 years, the economy continues to flourish and there are outstanding employment opportunities for young people in the province."

Statistics Canada figures released today show:

- The population of Manitoba rose by nearly 11,471 people from October 2006 to October 2007. Not since 1983 has Manitoba observed such a strong year-over-year rise in population.

- The population increase of one per cent matches growth at the national level and is fourth best among the provinces.

- Net in-migration to Manitoba totalled 2,587 people in the third quarter and is the best showing in at least 35 years.

- The last 12-month period represented the best net inflow ever to Manitoba; 7,571 more individuals came to Manitoba than left. The previous net inflow record was 5,204 in 1982. With this information, Manitoba has now recorded five years of positive net migration out of the last six.

- Manitoba welcomed over 10,800 international immigrants over the last 12 months.

Net interprovincial migration levels have also improved, the minister noted. Manitoba recorded a net outflow of 65 people to other Canadian jurisdictions in the third quarter and had a positive net inflow of 153 people from Alberta, the minister said.

"The province's population growth continues to break records," said Rondeau. "Whether it's over the last quarter or the last 12 months, population growth in Manitoba continues to gain momentum."

Today's information is a further reflection of the healthy Manitoba economy in 2007, the minister added. Other recent economic results show:

- Manitoba's labour force increased by 2.5 per cent and ranked fourth highest in Canada;

- the unemployment rate was at 4.2 per cent, third highest in Canada;

- real GDP was at 2.9 per cent, ahead of Canada's 2.6 per cent growth;

- total exports increased by 12.9 per cent, second highest in the country;

- capital investment was up 11.3 per cent, ahead of Canada's 4.6 per cent;

- construction work increased by 13.7 per cent, well above Canada's 4.7 per cent;

- average weekly earnings increased four per cent, third highest in Canada; and

- labour productivity increased 2.2 per cent, the highest in the country.

Manitoba performance charts are available at
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