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Could someone please provide some harder evidence (news articles; press releases) that a Four Seasons and a W are being planned for DT SA? Or are these just rumors/wishful thinking at this point?

I've been trying to follow the growth of DT development projects in SA and have fallen a bit behind. Also, I could not find any indication of a W or Four Seasons proposal on their respective websites. Plus, my friend, who works for Starwood in SA, said she had not heard any internal rumblings of a proposed W at Kress, but she’d keep her ears and eyes open. In fact, she was the one who just over three years ago, told me about Starwood’s plan to put a W in DT Austin.

In any case, this is potentially exciting news. However, I won’t hold my breath until they are “officially announced” by the hotel chains. Developers have a tendency to get a little too excited about a “prospective” tenant. Sometimes, it’s simply mentioned to promote/drum-up interest in their development. But nothing is set-in-stone until there is a signed contract…
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