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You make some really good points. First of all the material is supposed to be fire retardant along with each landing being enclosed. Also I'm sure the metal and cables would only be affected if the temperature was extremely high, and even then it would just be passing through for a brief moment. Secondly they could make it where it can move sideways. Thirdly they need something that can get at least some people out through the windows that can't get out of their offices or down the stairs, and can get rescue workers directly up to them in a matter of seconds. Btw, The ramps would only be used if an individual building has windows that are so many feet high off the floor, and most buildings don't have windows that high from the floor. Last but not least, there needs to be something else for rescues in highrises than what we already have, in certain situations we have nothing to lose but lives. As far as making it where buildings will not catch on fire period, when that day comes we will not need fire fighters, but until then we do need something besides what we already have.

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