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Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
OCS is a significantly larger project than Vista when you consider total SF... Vista is 1.8 million SF and OCS is 2.2 million SF. That's more than 20% larger than Vista. Even though it's not as tall, it will be just as much fun to watch and probably have more impact on the skyline from the West and NW.
Yep. And there's been the discussion on here before on how one of the towers is 15 feet below supertall status. Just think about the fact that it's about 100 feet taller than both 900 N Michigan Avenue and Water Tower Place in a spot where it's going to be clearly visible from multiple vantage points far away, especially from the west.

But the one as far as supertall that has me most excited is the Tribune tower - hopefully that thing gets built.
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