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Originally Posted by Ned.B View Post
^^I don't know why that rendering of the Jeweler's Building shows restoring the north 2/3 of the storefront then slapping some plain limestone around the building entrance, especially when a previous restoration attempt already recreated the bottom half of the south two columns. Although the rendering appears to date from April of last year or earlier, so hopefully it was merely conceptual.

As far as residential versus hotel, the upper 4 floors on this building total roughly 32,000 sf. Assuming roughly 25,000 sf net area subtracting the exterior walls, 2 stairwells, 2 elevators and 100' of corridor, you get an average unit size of 650 sf. That does sound like residential. Though I can't imagine them being that desirable when 70% of the units face into a 10' alley. This building made more sense as a boutique hotel in that regard.
Its being built as 39 residential units andd will be operated as an Airbnb hotel with a hotel license...
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