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I must have been living in a hole but I just learned that Oklahoma City has a street car system.

I know a lot of people were against the high cost and use of taxes to pay for one here in SA but boy oh boy do I wish we had one. From the museums and Pearl to the many downtown stops and the Missions...I don’t think ridership would be an issue.

Here is the OKC rider map

Article on it opening a year ago

If there is a street car or subway option offered in places I visit, here or abroad, I’m always going to use them. I really believe San Antonio lends itself to this type of transportation in its core and it’s a shame that egos, personal vendettas, and typical politics ended it all. The initial route they were thinking of going with wasn’t ideal. I think any street car route needs to start at Broadway and Hildebrand and then weave itself through downtown before ending at the missions.

As UTSA builds up there downtown campus, an East/West route becomes more important and that connectivity over towards the ATT Center makes more sense.
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