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Originally Posted by Rynetwo View Post
I have never heard a single suburbanite disparaging someone living in the urban core. I often hear it the other way around.
I often hear comments from friend's of friend's about why we chose to buy in Southtown, when our money could have bought us a 3k sqft home with a pool on the northside in a quiet neighborhood with great feeder public schools. These people rarely go downtown and spend their entire weekends at their house. I've become addicted to walking/biking/jogging to everywhere I need to go on the weekend or in the evening. And I tell them our children go to private school, so that doesn't matter. Different strokes. I jogged 5 miles on the Mission Reach Tuesday night and than met up with a neighbor at Blue Star and Beethoven's for a beer all sweaty. A quick walk back home after some beers finished the evening. It was wonderful!
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