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Originally Posted by pspeid View Post
Hmmmm....could the 201 Portage Ave amendment be the first "domino" to fall in the eventual opening of P & M (he says hopefully)
Hopefully. With Richardson fixing up their concourse, 200 Portage renos, and this, the argument for status quo is going to keep drying up. From what I've heard, it does sound like the city will be going ahead with removing the barriers and replacing them with planters, which could eventually be taken away in theory.

For fun walked through the P&M BMO entrance to cross yesterday (I usually just jaywalk across Portage E) – it's such a shame that for so long almost no one has ever gone through there. Next to the ledge, it's probably the most beautiful building in Winnipeg, and 90%+ of people have never been in there.

FYI the bunker access to Richardson is closed now as they're redoing those stairs. Sucks that they're having to put money into these entrances now when it's pretty widely agreed upon by city and owners that they need a full new solution.
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