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Blatchford launches flight plan

LAURA SEVERS Updated: May 12, 2019

Blatchford is now boarding.

One of Edmonton’s newest residential developments, the city’s former municipal airport site, is no longer in a holding pattern when it comes to new home construction. Closed since November 2013 when the last plane took off, it’s wheels-up time for this highly anticipated new neighbourhood.

And with the recent announcement unveiling the first four home builders for Blatchford at the end of March, some buyers already have their boarding pass in hand. Others are on their final approach.

“We’ve been watching Blatchford since the first announcement and when selling dates were communicated, we were ready to make our move,” said Monette Malley. “The day of the announcement, I followed up with my husband and said, ‘This is where I want to live.’ The sustainable community and location is very appealing.”

Blatchford, which encompasses 217 hectares (536 acres), will be a sustainable community that uses 100 per cent renewable energy, be carbon neutral, and have a significantly reduced ecological footprint. When fully built out in some 25 years, it will be home to 30,000 residents.
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