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Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
What you've done is fantastic, Kevin.

I don't know if you plan to do more and if so, if you want constructive critiques. But here's one: the massing of the Thompson Hotel doesn't show the lower level of the pool deck. That would make the length of the building a little shorter. And the new wing of the convention center isn't there. I'll shut up unless you want us to point out details like that. But whatever, these are great. They really show what SA could look like in a few years if all these buildings get built.
Yeah, I would like to fine tune the Thompson. As for the convention center, I'd be open to adding it as well. Does anyone know of any renderings of it? Are there any plans anywhere? Actually, if you look on Google Earth with the 3D building imagery turned off, they have updated the imagery with real photos showing the convention center expansion. They just haven't transferred that to the digitized imagery on Google Earth yet. They even have the updated photos showing the Frost Bank Headquarters completed even with the cranes taken down, but not digitized imagery yet.

Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
Hey Kevin, is there a way to get heights of buildings from the data in the Google Earth models?
Are you talking about the drawings I did or the imagery for all the other buildings in Google Earth? For the drawings I did, I used the heights we know of from the building elevations from the site plans. Some others that we didn't have heights for I've estimated those with a ~ symbol to note. I haven't figured out a good way of labeling these models without it being distracting to the imagery.

If you're talking about the existing models/imagery that Google Earth has for existing buildings, then yes, there absolutely is a way to get heights of buildings. You have to measure them using your cursor. I always find the lowest sea level height around the building and subtract that number from the highest height at the building's top. That will give you the height. Google Earth is pretty accurate from what I tell based on comparing it to the actual building elevations we have for some of the buildings. Unfortunately, the imagery doesn't capture spires, antennas or flagpoles too well. The spires on the Marriott aren't even there. There's also a spire in Austin that seems to be shortened as if part of it is missing. And there's a building here with flagpoles on the roof that aren't shown. They also don't show the 1,000+ foot tall tv towers in West Austin, unfortunately. I seem to remember they used to, but not anymore for whatever reason. They do show most larger (bulkier) communication towers in full, like the ones in downtown San Antonio.
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