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Ok, I went back and edited the massings for the Hilton Canopy. I also reworked The Floodgate one after I saw how off I was on that one.

The problem with the Floodgate is that the tower's shape changes from top to bottom as each section shifts a bit. I made the plots for the first section of the building, but the shift is causing some issues since there's no way to draw for those using the polygram method.

Overall, the size and placement of it is more accurate. I was thinking the tower was more octagonal in shape, but it's a bit more squashed than that, which is actually a good thing because it added some bulk to it that was missing before.

I also wasn't able to draw for the cantilevered levels of the Hilton Canopy. The drawings you do have to be attached to the ground. So without having it sitting right on top of the Esquire, I couldn't draw it above it.

I'm going to put these behind spoiler tags so they're less annoying to scroll through.

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