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Originally Posted by Restless 1 View Post
I find it funny that your avatar is a car, but you seem to hate cars. Irony aside, San Antonio is a car centric city. It is impossible to change that quickly. Most San Antonio residents, by a big margin, live, and work, outside the CBD. Even with the moves of USAA, and the building of the Frost Tower, the demographics don't change.

Believe me, I understand, but San Antonio will never be a Downtown centered, car-less society. San Antonio is the least likely in Texas to get there. Dallas is landlocked for that very reason.

The vast majority of SA residents reside outside the CBD. Residential activity may very well increase within this district, but it won't alleviate the amount of people, who all see DT as theirs, from wanting to come there.

Or are you advocating DT become so expensive, that the Southside, Westside, and Eastside, need not come?
You're reading an awful lot into my brief sentences. There are more ways to go downtown than to drive yourself.
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