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Originally Posted by sirkingwilliam View Post
I'm sorry, but no. This development does not resemble sugarland town center. If any development in SA resembled Sugarland Town Center, it'd be the Rim or on a smaller scale Legacy.

I'm sorry, but that comparison is just hyperbolic rubbish imo.
If you would read my comments I said it was a combination of Sugarland and the Pearl It has a lot of elements of both, positive and negative. Also, I said very explicitly that overall this is a positive project for the south side.

Just be thankful that an abandoned brewery is being transformed
I have said this here before, but I used to work for a time in economic development, and I get so sick and tired of the constant blind boosterism and cheerleading in this town (I'm looking at you, Rivard Report). Not every new development is necessarily positive, and I think this one in particular has some issues to work out.

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