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Originally Posted by miketoronto View Post
This is a serious issue Toronto must address. Basically all the great areas the City of Toronto had the foresight to protect in the 1970s and onwards are now being demolished.

Ahh yes, the 70s, when great neighbourhoods were protected and nothing was demolished:

There have been a few unfortunate losses, but so far most development has been correcting the mistakes of the 50s-70s, and filling in those parking lots and gas stations and strip plazas. Even if these buildings contributed nothing to their surroundings (in reality some do, some don't), they'd still be an improvement over what existed there 40 years ago.

There is some cause for concern for the future being that at this point most of the parking lots and underdeveloped land has now been developed - but as of yet that is not the case.

But is this really a downgrade?

Originally Posted by niwell View Post
What are you talking about? Then Entertainment District is FAR more vibrant than it has ever been with the exception of the closure of large clubs (which has been gone over ad nauseum). There are far more restaurants, smaller bars and independent stores than existed 10 years ago, when it literally was a dead zone during the day.

Quite a few of them in the podiums of new towers, even.
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