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Originally Posted by jaga185 View Post
Why concerning? I think a mix of affordable and market could work. Especially if you keep market on the top floors so they are worth it.
I don't think he/she meant it in that manner. I believe the thought was that this development could get tied up (at least a bit) in the approval process since the developer is seeking incentives and the city wants affordable housing.

More affordable housing is a good thing. However, unless incentives completely offset the potential revenue, the more units of affordable housing included in a project could affect the cost of the "market rate" units (i.e., increasing their cost). The project has to be economically viable for the developer and his/her equity partners.

Another area in which the developer could cut costs and still remain economically viable is in overall design (this assumes the developer did not receive enough incentives while still including affordable units and keeping the cost of market rate units down).

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