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I read in the article that the city is looking into whether the project can house affordable units. I'm all for having mixed units but if the building is described as luxury apartments then let it be. There can be other options for affordable housing elsewhere. I personally think the city's focus should be less on making developers include affordable units and more on recruiting jobs that are more than call center or back office operations. San Antonio can't tout it's cheap labor and then get upset when new developments require more than minimum wage to live there, especially when development costs might be generating that. That's a problem to be fixed by increased education and better job recruitment.

Enough with that rant but I'd hate for a self-described luxury building to start turning to less than market rate units and take away from something we only have a handful of, luxury high rise residential building. Hopefully the timeline of a summer groundbreaking stays on track. This could be an exciting next 2-3 years of downtown skyline changes!
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