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Originally Posted by Simplicity View Post
There's no question about that. But it's also the clientele. Decision makers are generally older, more affluent people living in these areas too. The whole thing is an exercise in trying to relate.

And I think it depends on what sort of engineering you're doing. You're involved int he transportation side if i remember correctly, so a lot of your 'clients' (read: government) will already be downtown too. But if you're a basic structural guy or doing electrical or mechanical stuff for contractors, your clients are largely transient and prefer not to have to pay to park their huge trucks downtown while they come in to pick up drawings. But of course, this is also anecdotal.

Eventually it isn't going to matter much anyway. Clients rarely see the inside of an office anymore given the ease with which things are emailed or meetings that can held over the phone or skype, and you're right about how the decisions are made: the owners/partners settle where its convenient. That'll likely continue to be the suburbs given that the decision makers will generally always be on the older side.
Yeah, I'm in transportation. But you're right, clients most of the time get stuff sent to them electronically. Microsoft Lync makes is super easy for video calls and sharing screens. I can let a co-worker, or someone from outside the company, take control of my screen. I don't even have a phone. I have a headset that goes through Lync for calling.
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