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Originally Posted by wwmiv View Post
... ... ... clearly you don't believe that a height restriction is a design standard.

... ... ...

And yes the HDRC visual standards are also a big part of the problem, given that they do increase development costs not only because they lengthen the process and inject needless uncertainty, but also because the materials necessary to comply are substantially more expensive.
None of that keeps a developer from building a high rise or skyscraper. None of it.

Unless you can source examples or quote developers who decided against a high rise or skyscraper because of those reasons, please post them.

Otherwise, you'll have to take my word for it. My word coming from the fact that I have friends and acquaintances who are involved in commercial real estate development in downtown and the urban core. I also have a pretty good understanding of the downtown market and have so for the past 8 or so years.

It's not the HDRC. Not even a little bit.
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