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Originally Posted by drumz0rz View Post
Very nice photos but they're pretty old. Not only is Vesey St. not yet cleared and open for the public, but the overpass is still present. That looks more like last fall than this fall...
Obviously Sherlock. It was a comment on the large photo itself.

Originally Posted by ThatOneGuy View Post
I don't care if it wouldn't be as functional, they were some of the coolest and most iconic towers of all time.
Yeah, because you've got no money to lose or gain trying to lease that space. Silverstein had to move forward with planning that could get the office space leased. And as we can see, even now its taking time to do that. Simply putting that much money into those towers to serve as "monuments" rather than functional buildings would be beyond insane, irresponsible planning.

Originally Posted by weidncol View Post
The officials at the PANYNJ are kicking their asses at this very moment for not rebuilding what was there before. They've said so many times that they made the biggest mistake by selecting this master plan. Simple reason: billions of $ worth of cost overruns and delays. It's just a huge headache for them.
The PA has said no such thing regarding the office space. In fact, the site plan that was chosen was pretty much what the Port Authority wanted all along. It was just dressed up in pretty pictures. No sensible person advocated building exactly what was there before, because smarter people know better. If there were any regrets, there were regrets with the planning of the original complex in the first place, which took decades to fill.


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