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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
Will it be condo or apartment space? Condo floor-to-floor heights average 12 to 14 feet usually.

And I'm guessing it won't have any above ground parking judging from the rendering. Parking levels which end up being counted toward the tower's overall floor count usually have very low floor-to-floor heights, sometimes only 8 feet.
1st floor is retail, 2nd floor is a grocery store, floors 3 to 9 are office surrounding an inner parkade (so it will be partly parking on these floors but have office space floor heights). floors 10 to 46 are residential (condos) and then the crown is supposed to about 9 "floors" in height.

there are rumours that there are actually only 30 residential floors rather than 36 which would affect the height as well.