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Originally Posted by Marty_Mcfly View Post
You should be able to see it on the renders, the screen is a fair size and is on New Gower Street
I think he's actually referring to the art that will be on the Water St. side. The ones on the New Gower St. side are screens

The façade will consist of a metal sheen material broken up by a series of slightly
protruding panels of contrasting color which will accommodate signage. A section of the
exterior will also consist of floor to ceiling glass which will reflect the interior space,
particularly at night when it will be illuminated. The protruding panels will advertise
events occurring at the Center.
• One of the larger panels situated on the Water St. side will also be reserved for the
display of a permanent photograph or artwork applied to the surface by a computer
generated pixilation process which will be commissioned via an artist competition.
-Where Once They Stood-
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