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Originally Posted by SignalHillHiker View Post
Even within our own province...

Traditionally, in the British Empire, any community with an Anglican Cathedral was considered a city. It didn't matter if the population was 200 or 2 million - only communities with a cathedral were cities.

Now we seemingly define it at about 20,000 in population.

In Saskatchewan, by contrast, any community with 5,000 or more is classified as a city. Newfoundland would have a dozen or more cities if we followed the same formula.
Aren't there cathedrals built out in the countryside in various parts of Europe, I thought there were. Also in Western Canada there are many small cities with only a few thousand, however we don't normally refer to or think of them as such since they are so small, it is just more of a municipal designation. Greenwood BC is a city of 700, but no one would seriously call it a real city.
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