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Originally Posted by mrjanejacobs View Post
Of course there are variations/nuances in the definitions of cities/towns/villages (however, this confusion is most common in smaller settlements) - however, rarely (in any language/culture) would a City/settlement of 1,000,000 not be considered a "City" (or the direct translation/equivalent).

Inevitably, globalization extends beyond linguistic and cultural barriers, and definitions evolve in a uniform way globally. International institutions like W.H.O. and the U.N. systematically guide the way that such terms evolve (not to mention the media), challenging cultural traditions and definitions.

There are few western (or "1st world") countries that don't differentiate between a town, a village and a city for instance. Gradually, this homogenization of cross-linguistic terminology will only accelerate as globalization and international institutions become more prominent.

That's my two cents... and alas, we're speaking American English.
I was mainly talking about perception based on relativity .. then explained how in some languages the terms change .. you are so defensive lol
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