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Wow! Very nice design. I really like that. The HDRC members may have been able to see more than us, but I'm not sure what they're talking about with the podium being too big. In the rendering what appears to be a podium along Alamo Street, is actually the Joske department store building itself. If they're referring to that taller portion that faces Commerce Street and rises about half as tall as the main tower, that's not a podium, it's a wing of the hotel. Taking that wing out would greatly reduce the size of the hotel. If that space was placed in the main tower this would be a much taller building then.

As for that 700 foot height, I'm sure it's not that tall. I counted 25 floors in the rendering above the roof of the Joske Building. And since the Joske Building is 5 floors, that would make it 30 floors. I would estimate at that height that it would be between 350 and 400 feet.

My guess is the developers are saying 25 floors and up to 700 feet as a way of saying that if they have to remove that wing I talked about that that space would go into the main tower and make the building much taller. Although, it sure does look tall in that rendering. I really like the design. And really, this building is no more intrusive than either the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel or the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. And it's certainly less intrusive than the Grand Hyatt.

Fort Worth's Omni Fort Worth Hotel is 447 feet tall with 32 floors.

The Grand Hyatt in San Antonio is 424 feet to the mechanical penthouse screen. The actual mechanical penthouse roof, which is hidden by the screen, is 408 feet above the street. The main roof height is 389 feet. Grand Hyatt has 34 floors.

Austin is building a new JW Marriott convention hotel that will be 408 feet tall with 34 floors.

Austin also has a proposed 50-story hotel that I was told would be 581 feet to the roof.

Houston is also getting ready to start construction on a 33 to 34-story Marriott Marquis that seems to be 400 to 450 feet according to the renderings.
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