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Originally Posted by oldmanshirt View Post
Obviously they benefited from bringing an SA architect on board. The rendering reminds me of the Wells Fargo tower in Minneapolis. At 700 feet, it would only be 74 feet shorter than that building. Obviously that isn't the case. This building looks roughly equivalent to the Hyatt at ~400 feet, though its tough to scale visually with the memorial in the foreground. Regardless, it will noticeably fill a hole in the skyline, even if the HDRC is successful in skimming off a few more stories.
In the article, it says the smaller tower's height is nearly identical to the Emily Morgan hotel. The Emily Morgan is 205 feet tall.

So I'd venture to say the bigger tower is near 400' if not 400' feet or above. If I has to wager a guess, I'd say maybe 410'-420'.

God, I hope the HDRC just leaves it alone and approves it. Heck, if they don't, I hope they still try and get it passes by the city council.
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