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Bank of America Corporate Center celebrates its 20th birthday today. The Cesar Pelli design is holding up great after a couple of decades - the building still impresses.

Bank of America Corporate Center still towers above Charlotte
By Jeremy Markovich

Read more here:

“I wanted to build a skyscraper as opposed to a tall building,” said McColl. “There are lots of tall buildings in the United States. A lot of them were built very tall with a flat top. They had no lasting street appeal or skyline appeal.”

NCNB hired architect Cesar Pelli to design the tower.

“He gave us a building that looks like more stone than glass,” said McColl. “So when you’re looking at our building from afar, it looks like a huge powerful granite building. But when you’re in it, you’ve got great perspective and great views.

“My thinking was,” he said, “we’re going to build something that’s going to dominate the skyline forever.”
It was a defining moment for Charlotte. The city went from competing with Winston-Salem and Greensboro, and Columbia (SC) to competing with cities such as Atlanta. Soon after Bank of America stadium was built and Charlotte received the Carolina Panthers in 1995. The tower sparked a late 20th century building boom and another 10 or so 300+ foot towers have been built since.

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A couple of recent photos I've taken:

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