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Originally Posted by Kinguni View Post
Opposite (Transit to Polo Park). A little under 6km by the most direct route (Osborne, Broadway, Portage), a little over if I walk down Wellington Cres. I typically take the direct route though. The walking is easier and if I'm running a little late for some reason I can hop a bus part way.

I have a split that's typically an hour and a half (usually late pulling in on the first run) and it sure beats sitting around. Only doing it for 2 more weeks though, then on the an early evening straight run, which means my dogs will get walked more often!

I like the idea of 2 3.5km walks though. Easier at one, less time in the elements. Hope to move back closer to downtown this year or next. Half hour walk from work would be ideal.
Holy cow. I walked to University every day and I thought that was bad. Guess I have the good life compared to you!
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