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I believe they want it to look like the Alamodome, Grand Hyatt, Hemisview Villgage, Holiday Inn on E. Commerce and what they want for the Pearl apartments; these buildings all have 5+ variations of color/material. If we can get a blue roof on there and a stone "chimney," on the side, it could be mistaken for a large IHOP.
The list usually includes (but is not limited to) stone, brick, stucco, tile, steel, glass, color panels, wood, etc.

For example:

This Holiday Inn has brick,stucco, steel, glass, and blurple (a color which is also on the G. Hyatt, Alamodome, Convention Center.)
I'm almost sure that we will see a splash of color in the PS HQ's somewhere. Either that or some darker reddish brick in there.

The one good thing about this building is the use of space. It has has pretty good usage of land considering it is on the edge of DT which usually means more parking lots. 303 Santa Rosa is divided into 2 lots; the surface parking is on a seperate lot and could be built on later (like the Justice Center expansion.) More square footage in buildings and parking garages will get that area somewhat dense pretty quickly.
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