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Originally Posted by sakyle04 View Post
I really don't want to become the grumbling old man...

But the renderings show 4 stories of office-space on top of parking, with the one building having that lighthouse-looking thing, which adds some faux-height.

Yes, it will have some height on that land - and especially that close to I-10, but 4 stories for 80,000 square feet? 4 stories for 100,000 square feet?
Sounds sprawly to me.

I just won't let exurban developers trick me into being excited for a sprawly, squatty building.

I will continue asking for (and cheering) smaller footprints and greater density.
What do you think this is, Houston? This is 15 miles away from downtown... which is already scared of heights. The Drury @ 10/1604 is probably the tallest building going to be built in this area.
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