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Originally Posted by TallMark View Post
No one can. The bloody fa├žade is downright cheap and ugly. The owners of the building know that too, that is why they have hired Smith & Gill to get rid of it and surface the building with something grand and noteworthy. There is really no need for any response. It is a settled issue, and in time it will be fixed. Just find out what Smith & Gill are going to replace the cheap blackish glass with.
Its not cheep though, if I recall this tower was actually built with some of the higher quality materials available at the time. From what I've heard the Sears was of a pretty high construction standard, especially considering its age. I live in a building that was finished about a year before the Sears and is made of the exact same materials (black anodized aluminum and glass) and I can tell you our facade is much much cheaper. The aluminum is buckling and wavy in places and even losing its anodization in a few areas. Sears does not have a cheep facade...

BTW the glass is not "blackish" in any way, you must not have looked very carefully because the glass is clearly bronze, the aluminum is black.
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