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Retrofitting Sears?

I understand The Sears is going to be retrofitted by Smith & Gill, to include changing the glass fa├žade. On the other hand, almost ANY change can be an improvement over that cheap run-of-the-mill blackish glass facade that has rendered this otherwise beautifully designed building, a non-entity around the world and even US. Some people here are wondering why this "iconic" building is so unknown. Well, look at it and you ll know the answer! (Come on Chicagoans: don't get offended. Instead do something for this building to become the icon it so richly deserves to be)

Does anyone have any photos or the design and what our imaginative Adrian Smith is going to do to improve the Sears' looks?

I truly hate that cheap blackish curtain over that great building. I am certain the new Sears would become the well-known building it deserves to be once that bloody curtain has been pulled down and something more deserving is put in its place
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