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Originally Posted by sakyle04 View Post

“With gas prices like they are, there is great interest in coming back to the inner city, where there’s an established infrastructure,” says Deputy City Manager Pat DiGiovanni. “It’s live, work, and entertainment, and we’re looking for a 24-hour destination in San Antonio.”
I am sorry, but I truly hate the mentality that yields statements like this. It is such a "late to the table" mentality. "With gas prices like they are"? Because it took that to get you to look at this, really? Like this isn't a well established idea that we have needed to do this? really? And is he/she just realized the ice cap is melting? Yikes! Better late than never I guess>!!!!

This is and has been a great idea. Maybe SA can use the gas price crap for leverage. OK.... but just get it done ya'll! That area has such great character to be taken advantage of there is such a great mix of (near) mid century architecture, 19thc building and totally underutilized areas! Would make a great place to live! If SA pulls this off, and I think it can happen, it would be one of the most unique/coolest places to live in any top 10 city.
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