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Originally Posted by oldmanshirt View Post
When I first read the 30 year time frame, I was a bit incredulous, but now that I think about it, having the development spread out over many years will ensure that each piece is carefully crafted and given individual consideration, while still blending with the whole. Because of this, we won't be seeing any of that "fake downtown" look that plagues so many of these mixed-use developments. This will be more like an actual, functioning city, especially if the commuter rail is extended down there. I think its very telling that they're using Harvard/Cambridge as a model for this.
The 30 year time frame is an estimation geared more towards the population of the school and not really the development. I'm hearing a great deal of the north section of Verano will be finished by 2015. The southern and southeastern (the development around the lake) will be built as the school grows and how soon it's finished will depend on demand for housing.
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