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thanks owl for that. i was gonna point that out. i don't know why people think that dallas is so dead. i mean, it could be better but west end and deep ellum surround the cbd on both sides and are still considered downtown and have plenty of nightlife goin on. also america's largest urban arts district in downtown is taking some big changes and development also shown in the 9th pic. The 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th pics are showing the West End expansion project taking place over former parking lots. And the 2nd-4th pics show the long-awaiting Iron Cactus restaurant(a famous hit on 6th st in Austin) on main street in the middle o' downtown. also in DT's pics above, he shows in his first pic the Republic Centre which has a big chance of being converted into Dallas' tallest residential high-rise building filled with beautiful units. these are a few of just the downtown projects. Uptown has many more because it's the only area in dallas that's having a major boom in residential growth and building construction!
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